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Helping Immigrants Move Forward

Dialekt is a tutoring service for immigrants seeking professional employment

Partner Spotlight:
Buena Vista Mobile Home Park

Located in the heart of Palo Alto, the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park is home to around 300 people, many of whom are low-income Latino immigrants. As one of the few affordable housing options left in Silicon Valley, it is where they are achieving their American Dream.   


Are you an immigrant looking to prepare for a professional career? We're here to help! Click above to find out more about Dialekt's lesson options, register for classes, and build your future, today!

Want to learn more about occupational mismatch and the immigrant experience in America? Head over to Dialekt's blog for informational pieces, personal stories, and more!

Your support helps Dialekt help our communities. Develop a personal relationship with one of our students, sponsor someone's studies anonymously, or donate to our general efforts! We'll ensure that every dollar you contribute goes to use - and we'll make sure you know exactly what that use is. 

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