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We're proud of our work. But you don't have to take it from us - hear what our past students and volunteers have to say about their time with Dialekt!

"I want to gain some knowledge so I can get a good job and achieve future goals. I want to be able to teach and help my son if he has any problems with his math homework. I’m very thankful and grateful for these friendly students helping me to learn something new."

- AB

IMSA Branch Client

Dialekt tutor and client study at table.
Dialekt Training (1 of 12).jpg
Dialekt Training (1 of 12).jpg

"Working with Dialekt has introduced me to amazingly passionate and friendly people. I’m able to leverage and deepen my own skills by sharing them with others who are just excited as I am!  It’s an absolute pleasure to see our clients learn and smile."

- ES

Stanford Branch Tutor

“It was easy (working with the students), continuing to learn the math I need for my CDL test. They understand us, and their patience helps. We can’t do everything at once, so I’m going to keep learning bit by bit.”

- ZL

IMSA Branch Client

Dialekt Training (2 of 12).jpg

"I am working with Dialekt... they are helping me a lot to improve my English. I’m very thankful for all they’re doing."

- MK

Stanford Branch Client

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