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Where is your doctor from?

Today’s politicians like to argue over the value and necessity of immigrants in our population, and what they contribute to the workforce. While nearly everyone agrees that skilled immigrants are valuable, it is difficult to quantify how they directly impact American livelihoods and how we should be helping and encouraging more to join our workforce. There’s no metric for the impact one person has on another.

Until now.

A recent study of the U.S. Census Bureau data in December 2018 found that almost one third of the U.S.’s physicians were born out of the US. What’s more, almost 20% of healthcare workers were born out of the US. These statistics range even to home health aide workers and nurses, of which almost 25% were born out of the US. What can we conclude from this data?

Every person in this country who gets sick, hurts themselves, or sees a loved one fall ill is highly dependent on immigrants in the healthcare industry. Regardless of whether they get their degree internationally or domestically, the value of their education and job preparation is translated directly to the value of American lives. Helping immigrants who are prepared to join the healthcare workforce achieve their dreams can only benefit the entire American population.

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